Former Fat Guys

“I’ve now lost 43lbs, have reached my natural weight and have stayed there ever since. My energy levels are better than when I was a teenager and my health has improved drastically. No more snoring, no more antacids, I am so thankful to Zoë for designing this diet. I am now lighter than when I got married 12 years ago and I am actually proud of my body now. Eat naturally; move naturally – great words to live by!” Mat

“I feel like I’ve got a secret that no one else knows – the secret of how to lose weight! I socialise a lot so I need to ‘cheat’ when I’m out and this diet actually tells me how to do that. I have my beer and dinner out but I don’t go mad. This is just fantastic!” Terry

“For the first time in my life I know I will be slim. I have started the programme, I’m not hungry, the cravings have gone and I know how to stop them coming back. The feeling of liberation is indescribable.” Nick

“I need this book! The person who recommended it is literally fading away in front of my eyes but he’s bouncing with energy like Tigger – what has happened to him?!” Mike

“Looking back now the diet seems so damn obvious, sensible and healthy. There are no words that can express my gratitude to Zoë for devising it – she has given me my life back.” Howie

“I’ve lost 24lbs already. I just can’t believe it. I feel great too – I can’t remember feeling better to be honest. Thank you so much for the diet!” Ceri

“I read 4 pages and lost two and a half stone -
I figured I’d better not read much more!”
John Davies (our back cover boy!)


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